Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya College

The College offers Bachelor of Science degree programme affiliated to Andhra University. A three-year degree in Bachelor of Science forms the foundations for the study of the multiple sciences and new inventions in Science and Technology. It deals with four combinations of sciences:


  1. 1. B.Sc – Maths –Physics -Chemistry
  2. 2. B.Sc – Maths –Physics -Computer Science
  3. 3. B.Sc – Maths – Physics – Electronics
  4. 4. B.Sc – Maths – Electronics – Computer Science
  5. 5. B.Sc – Maths – Statistics – Computer Science
  6. 6. B.Sc – Chemistry – Botany – Zoology
  7. 7. B.Sc – Chemistry – Microbiology – Biotechnology
  8. 8. Bachelor of Commerce

A degree in Bachelor of Science serves as a foundation for candidates who have keen interest to build their careers in the field of Science. Skill sets such as Observation skills, Analytical skills, Scientific skills, Experimental skills, Problem-solving skills, Logical skills and Research skills – highly improve through the study of science. Apart from becoming Teachers and Researchers of Sciences, a BSc degree holder can establish oneself, based on the subject combinations undertaken, in many fields, such as, the Healthcare industry, Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, Agriculture industry, Food industry, Chemical industry, Research firms, Testing laboratories, Wastewater plants, Oil industry, Automobile industry, Geological Survey departments, Environment Management and Conservation Diagnostic laboratories, Forensic Crime Research, Space Research institutes, Banking sectors, Finance and Treasury management departments in all industries, and so on. Post acquisition of the degree, one is eligible to pursue any profession and any field of study for further education and learning – it offers the widest scope both in Education and Career. However, better placement opportunities can be availed if BSc graduates further complete their MSc degree and then look out for a job.

Programme Highlights
The department is equipped with well furnished class rooms, seminar halls, and a well-stocked library. Laboratories are an integral part of the science curricula. And as such, the college provides multiple labs for each of its departments, Computer, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Bio-Technology, Micro-Biology, Botany and Zoology. A complete building, Block 1 is dedicated for the different laboratories. However, considering the number of labs, additional spaces in other blocks are also occupied for the Science labs. The laboratories ensure a flexible framework in order to hold dynamic student work groups, research zones, and support equipments in spacious arrangements.