Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya P.G. College


Biotechnology is a most sought-after area of science that carries immense potency to benefit human kind by globally transforming intellectual enterprises. The department was formed in 2008. Following the footsteps of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), established by the Indian government in 1986, the department has excelled in providing premiere class education in this field. The mission of the department is to instill in students the joy of learning bioscience and an attitude to explore, imagine, innovate and excel in the pursuit of knowledge.
This study of Master of Science in Biotechnology includes 14 theory and 7 practical papers, a project work and a seminar spread over 4 Semesters in a 2 year period with 24 credits allotted to each semester. The student-intake is 39 per year with 33 admitted through AU counseling and another 6 admitted through management quota.

Programme Highlights

Student intake: 39 (33 convener quota and 6 management quota)
Course duration: 2 years (full time) affiliated to Andhra University
Admission criteria: Any science graduate with a qualifying rank in AUCET (Andhra University Common Entrance Test) is eligible to pursue this course.
Program pattern: 4 Semesters.
Year of establishment: 2008

PROGRAM objective

To provide an in-depth knowledge in key areas of biology. A specialemphasis is given to advanced technology, that includes Cell cultures,tissue engineering, technologies on plant, animal, healthcare productdesign and environment monitoring. Students acquire knowledge insophisticated Bioinformatics tools with a project work of 45 days.To impart Knowledge and industrial skills to match competence inresearch, education (APSET, UGC_NET), and job platforms throughinnovative tools


v Results achieved: 79-100 %

v Acquire robust lab skills in PCR, cytology, cell culture, microbial culturing, Biochemical analysis, plant tissue culture, environment monitoring, enzymology, immunological techniques, molecular and geneticengineering and fermentation technologies.

v Active participation in 15 Guest lectures, Cancer awareness, Diabetes awarenss program, 2 Workshops.

v Presentation of paper in national and international conferences.Volunteered in organizing ESMEB-19 national Seminar, 2 national webinar(CHOBiCP 2020, WDD-2020 and WED-2021), two poster presentation, 1 E-Quiz competition

v Placement cell collaboration: Acquired jobs in CoViD Labs, QC labs(Pfizer, Shanta biotech, MSN pharma company, Bio-Pharma), chaitanyatechno school proving their competence.

v Development of viable ecofriendly Bio-products as an add-on Certificateprogram

Prospects of the Program

This study program gives the student an edge over those studying other life sciences courses. After completion of this specialized course, a student acquires diverse skills in multidisciplinary areas of biosciences. Practical orientation of robust technologies, such as recent health care technologies, Real Time PCR diagnosis, molecular diagnosis, animal tissue culture, artificial meat production and micro propagation of plants, the student finds broader placement opportunities in areas of bioinformatics, genomics, nanotechnologies, biosensors, biometrics, veterinary research, agricultural research, aquaculture industries, pharmaceutical industries, pollution control boards, stem cell banking and in vitro fertilization, etc.
Students with a Masters in Biotechnology can find placements in the following industries
1. Pharmaceutical industries- Microbiologist- Quality control Jobs
2. Molecular diagnostic labs – Bharat Biotech
3. Plant tissue culture scientist and agriculture scientist
4. Aquaculture
5. Medical coding jobs
6. Programmer in bioinformatics jobs
7. IVF centers, Stem cell banks
8. Forensic Science Labs
9. Molecular sequencing services
10. Life science products development and marketing


The department alumni are placed in CCMB, NIN (Hyderabad), Dr. Reddy’s lab, NIV (Pune), National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS), Pune. CMFRI, CIFT etc. The department has also produced excellent scholars who are placed as Researchers in prestigious institutes such as the National Institute of Nutrition, The Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, and others.


The department prides itself in motivating students to achieve excellence not only in academic fields but also in co-curricular and add on skills in domain areas. The Department has the advantage of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members.

Add on programs

An innovative education platform is an added benefit to students enrolled in this department. A one-month training and certificate program is organized in the fourth semester in Mushroom cultivation, Bioplastic Production project, Agriculture Waste Management (Biogas, Vermicompost and Flower Waste, Incense Stick and Organic Insect Repellant Preparation) program, etc., are delivered along with the regular curriculum.


Dr. K.Beulah

M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D, APSET

G Lavanya

Assistant Professor