Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya P.G. College


The Department of MHRM was established in the year 2008. It offers a two-year regular post graduate course in Human Resources Management. It prepares young men and women for managerial and administrative positions in all management fields. The course is designed to sensitize and appreciate the roles and responsibilities of an HR manager in a fast changing business environment both at the national and global level. It focuses on building solution-oriented thinkers, competent managers and empathetic leaders, and on imbibing a spirit for continual learning and innovation.

Programme Highlights

Student intake: 40 convener quota and 4 management quota
Eligibility criteria: Any graduate qualifying in AUCET/AP PGCET
Course duration: 2 years (full time) affiliated to Andhra University - with 4 Semesters each semester consisting of 7 Theory Subjects, 1 Fieldwork and 1 Viva
Affiliation : Andhra University
Year of Establishment: 2008


Participative and Collaborative teaching methods are encouraged. Apart from class room teaching, the department focuses on Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures by eminent professionals and academicians. Regular Personality Development sessions are conducted and personalized Counselling sessions are facilitated for the students. Active student participation in Power Point Presentations, Workshops, Paper Presentations, Seminars, Debates and Case Studies are encouraged.
Field work is a significant component of the curriculum. It effectively bridges the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge and helps students develop a skill set based on the needs of the Industry. Students are provided complete guidance and support throughout a Field work activity.

Use of Technology

Students are encouraged to use technology instruments like LCD’s, projectors, etc. The students of the department find vast work exposure as they assist other departments of the College with different levels of Data Processing and Management with the use of Technology. Some of the initiatives are:
Online Student Feed-back system: As a practice, IQAC collects feedback from students on the quality of faculty, infrastructure and other facilities. Development of this Software program made this process extremely easy, efficient and fast.
Student Fee tracking System: This Software program automates the processing and tracking of student fee payments into the bank. This helps the administrative department to handle financial matters with ease and efficiency.
Online Student Data Bank System: This facilitates storing and retrieving of student personal information as per the requirement.


The department has well equipped class rooms and staff room with all the necessary amenities and the support of round-the-clock internet facility. A well furnished and updated library provides the students an enriching experience in the pursuit of knowledge. The department uses contemporary computer lab equipments and multimedia equipments to conduct necessary interactive, evaluative and development sessions.

Values and Purposes

1. Contribution to National Development
The Human Resource Managers are vital for National Development because they manage the technical, clerical and supervisory personnel which are crucial for maintaining industrial harmony, building capabilities and performance. Management Principles and practices are taught to incorporate good governance in the students. They are educated on management thoughts to uphold Indian culture and tradition, and are sensitized to the requirements of the society by promoting Corporate Social Responsibility concepts. The Department makes it a point that the global corporate ethical practices are acquired by the students adequately during internship, and finally prepares duty bound citizens, thereby contributing to the national development.

2. Fostering Global Competencies among students
The students are enabled to develop a broad perspective of the management field by developing a sound theoretical base of various concepts and theories. The emphasis is on creating global competencies in multi-faceted environment with managerial skills, behavioral skills and knowledge in different functional areas of management, with practical focus on HRM. Problem solving competence, interpersonal competence and leadership qualities are the core competencies which are emphasized upon, leading to a well-developed personality.

3. Inculcating a value system among students
With the aid of mentoring programme, the core value of being humane are inculcated within the student with emphasis on positive attitude, integrity, upholding professional ethics and values. Students are encouraged to write value based slogans at conspicuous places in college premises and are also motivated to participate in activities which enhance awareness on global peace. Various social issues are regularly discussed in classrooms. And students are encouraged to participate in different types Social Awareness campaigns.


Neethipudi Sunil Kumar


G.Venkata Rao

MHRM,M.Phil, Ph.D, MBA,PDF-Senior Fellow(ICSSR),UGC-NET (HRM) and AP-SET (Management)

K. I. Priya darshini

MHRM, MBA, (PhD), UGC-NET (HRM), AP-SET (Management)